Zian Feng / John Feng / Lockdown is a RPG character. He's a original creation and has no ties to any comic book studio.

He is not based off any one comic book, so mutant or metahuman is the closest thing. His gifts are not associated with Marvel, or DC - therefore, he has no X-gene, or anything of that nature.

Zian Feng

"Investigative Journalist. Whistleblower. Writer. Thought-provoker. I could attribute all of those to myself. But, that's pretty close to the mark. Though, I'm leaving out the more color adjectives most people use." -grins-

"I used to live and work in L.A. but recent times, and unemployment, I live in NYC. I hate it here. No, not for the brochure reasons. But other reasons. It's a big city, and like every other big city. It's rotting from the inside out."

:Love & Hate:

Written by Zian Feng: "Love, Hate. I've got that kind of relationship with this city. I love some aspects of it. Hate other aspects. But that's much to say about everything, isn't it? But, see, everyone glosses over the bad. They focus on the good. Me? I focus on it all. I also rip those blinders off and see it for what it is. Without the rose-color. Can you do that? Well, you better start. Otherwise, everything you love, and take for granted will dry up and kick you in the fucking nuts. Trust me."

"What do I love about New York besides the sports-programs? The dining. The night-life. The skyline. The beaches, the wharf. The old-downtown that shows it's age with each passing moment. The cars. The people, okay so I'm pushing it there.. but, I do like some of them. I like it's history. I like the fact that everywhere there's something going on. If you can scratch under the surface. It's there."

"What do I hate? I hate the fact people ignore the crack-house down there, no - over there, see? Where all the junkies sit and shoot up. I hate the fact it's ignored. I hate the fact there's shit happening in the city and the Mayor's office ignores it. I hate the fact that NYPD gets shit on a lot, and the good cops go silent. Bad cops get their way. I hate the fact, that to be anything in this city you need money. Or a whole lot of blow. I hate the politicians who care more about their meal-ticket then the public they're supposed to be campaigning for. That's some of the few things I hate. Don't you?"

:Bio & Info:

Unclassified: Born in Canton, China. Lived there and in Asia for 12 years. Moved to the US. Gained US Citizenship. Attended classified's school for Journalism.

Zian used to work for a high-profile newspaper in L.A. for approximately 7 years. Then, got fired due to 'creative differences'. He worked in LA for a few years then got transferred to NYC.

He's a bit of a smart-ass, a bit of a prick. At least, that's the current story run on him. He lampoons himself, sometimes. And everyone else. He's aggressive, and something of a brow-beater, too.

DEO: FILE SEALED [All other information is classified]

:Power Facts:

Power Manipulation: Zian can manipulate the powers of others. At a basic level it allows him to discern if someone has a power, is using it, and where it originates However, the latter calls for active concentration. He also gets a general rating of how powerful that power, gift, etc - actually is. Anything beyond that, like - how well they can use it, have mastered it? He can't read. Also, within this power he has three modes. He can switch between these modes, but he can only ever have one mode activated at a time. He cannot use two Power Manipulation modes at the same time. This power can work on anyone: mutant, metahuman, supernatural, paranormal.

1. Negation: Zian can disable the powers of ONE other person around him. It's not permanent, and only works for as long as he keeps it up. It doesn't lessen or dampen, it just suddenly cuts it off. However, it only works on one power type. i.e. Mental or Physical. So if someone had physical powers and mental powers, he could shut off one, but not both. So if you're super strong, and have teleknesis, he could get 'lockdown' one but not the other. This only affects ONE person. It's limited to a 100' maximum.

2. Dampening: Zian can dampen or weaken the powers of others around him that are within a specific radius. This is usually about a 50' radius. Great powers are diminished, weaker powers become nullified. It all depends on the power level of the other person.

3. Mimicry: Zian can mimic the powers of others for short periods of time. But they have to be within a 100' radius of himself. If they leave the radius, he can't use them, or access them. However, the power he mimics isn't as powerful as the original user. Any power can be mimic'd. Regardless if it's a mental or physical one. It only lasts if he's within range.

Permanent Physical Enhancements: Strength - He can dead-lift approx 500 lbs. Agility, Reflexes, Stamina, and Speed are above human capacity.


Zian's IC thoughts do not often reflect the player's thoughts. Everything Zian says should be taken with a grain of salt. He's caustic, smart-ass, and cynical to a fault. Nothing he says IC, or thinks - is what the player thinks about other characters. If he offends, I apologize for that. His writing is also the same. He's a bit of a jackass, I know.

I love, love, love spontaneous play. So feel free to jump in and say hi anytime you want. Anyone and everyone is invited to play. With his powers, and what he can do - I want to make sure that you, who're reading this, know - that he can't steal anyones power. He can't leave them w/o a power, permanently. So, never fear! Fights are welcome. Feel free to do what your character would. And, thanks for playing! Game on!