skinny Zardo
Me back when I was skinny

Welcome to my soi user page!
I am Zardoz
Beware of imitations!
Only the real Zardoz is Zardoz @soi

tod brownings freaks
Some of my friends


I am a Master & a mystic.
My beloved collared slave
& wife is suzette.


I used to be a real fan of breakbeat, acid, and trance.
Candy is dandy, but nitrous is noxious!!

~Realaudio (Lo-Fi mono): 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
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(dj sets at

Looking for something from this century?
DJ Chad Mindrive
(Hi-Fi mp3)

Zardoz@SOI Mixes
( Hi Fi MP3 Audio)
Goa Mix IV - Yes to All
stream download
Goa Mix III - Ganesha
stream download


psst - adults can log into soi at

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