Yvette led a very successful career as a female body builder. As a result she has a muscular well defined body that is larger than most women. Firm full breast implants were a self-indulgent response to maintain a feminine look after years of hard workouts left almost no body fat. Endowed with the voluptuous figure she certainly learned how to pose and use it to advantage.

So, after her body building career ended, it was an easy transition to a very successful acting career. Her specialty? Sexually charged and explicit sultry roles. But always she yearned for more. And so came the formation her own production company where she could work behind the camera instead of in front of it. This enterprise made her very wealthy, even if not the most upstanding and respected community figure.

Born on a small island in the Caribbean, and still carrying much of that accent, it was there she returned to her roots to relax and enjoy her new lifestyle. The custom designed house is opulent and lavish, just out of town on a small private cove. Regular "donations" to the local authorities keep questions and embarrassment to a minimum.

Yvette is in charge of her life and her surroundings. While preference is towards pretty inquisitive girls, the odd exceptional male may capture her attention as well.