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Xsara is a Duchess by birth. She spent most of her youth by always obtaining from her father and mother what she wanted. He was a big, powerful banker and stood his stand in financial battle, but was a bit shy in family life and debate, especially towards the �weak gender�; he was not a man of words and too kind to his wife and children. Usually he couldn�t refuse Her anything, even less than his wife, who utterly controlled him. When he did not (or only appeared not to) comply with young Xsara�s whims, She coerced out of him what She desired. She got very good at this from the age of 19. Inevitably, She found out what he liked most, but got sporadically from his wife. She would (from age 20) under conditions provide him just that, the treat he wanted so much. She owned him.

Her mother, the late Suzanna (or Sue for intimates), and an aunt named Nina, trained her in subjects like discipline, appearance, dress and the like. She learned basic skills such as reading, writing, and general knowledge from clergy and a private teacher. Then She was taught many subjects like languages, state law, theology and alchemy by various famous learned men, who came from all over the continent and spent appreciable periods of time in their stately home with the wealthy family.

Thus, when She came of age, She was taught and trained in female attires, attitudes and tricks by Her mother: this Suzanne (or Sue for her intimates) knew far more than she practiced, pretending to be a pious woman and a venerable spouse. The teachings included domination, �negotiation skills� and perverse sex games with servants and free men and women from the nearby town. Soon, Xsara mastered most of the subjects and She liked to get as much as possible done with a minimum of effort. This, She learned, was a turn-on for many men and women. From then on She made sure to bind Her father and uncle -who became her humble and obedient servants and slaves- and several influential men and women in Her father�s bank, in the town council and the State; they were available to Her for life for simple chores as well as complicated financial or strategic issues. With time, Xsara developed more and more wicked ideas and scheming skills by Herself. Her mother realised that she had unleashed ruthless concurrence by educating her daughter, and tried to counter Xsara�s practices, but it was too late.

Xsara gained more and more ground and influence and effectively took over control from her mother at the age of about 20, just a year before this Duchess Suzanna died of the consequences of a malicious outbreak of a contagious disease that had not been stopped at their front door. Thank God the sick bed didn�t take too long. Some gossip in town insisted that Xsara had something to do with it, but of course Her younger sister, who hated Xsara, because she wanted to be like Her but did not succeed at all, introduced this lie.

From that day, Xsara was in full control of Her father and other family members through him; she ruled with firm Hand through continuation of receptions and summoning of Her vassels in Her Room, which she coined �bad room� and binding them to Her through nasty games involving fornication of Her younger sister, nieces and nephews by Her �deranged� father and his subordinates. Oh yesss� She ruled till age 24, when She became the heir to Her father�s financial empire and started a new phase of life...

Having relived until recently the stage of Her life between age 18-24, She now plays out Her actual virtual life at age 36� but sometimes still in a mock up of Her bedroom of old, the �badroom�. Family members, sissy boys, young female subs and sluts: ask politely to be used by Her Highness; mail or approach (cautiously) Duchess Xsara@soi

Dutchess Xsara likes to dominate and subdue obedient family members, straight men, sissy boys and young girls� She wants them to serve Her in several ways. She may engage in games with one or several subs, for instance She likes to feed a male cock to a young female mouth under Her guidance and direction� with the aim to use and abuse the other female, to extract a favour from the male and to bind both to Her. She wants them crawling at Her feet and begging for more�

Last but not least�if she finds a cock too cocky, She may threaten to reduce its size. Xsara likes to play out guillotine games. Of course she would never actually cut down on cocks or necks� unless solicited� but She thrives on threatening to do so, while humiliating Her victim and have him held erect by an aid or some of Her subtle movements�