Nite Sprite's will tell


To Serve

To Serve One So Commanding, So Wonderful...
To Worship and Praise One so Worthy and Deserving...
To Give whatever the One needs...
To the best of my humble abilities...
That is why i am here...
That is what i do best...
That is what fills my thoughts...
That is why i love Her

i have have the wonderful privilege serving my Mistress, Nite Sprite. i am dedicated to serving Her wishes and following Her Commands however she pleases. i wear the proper colour as She decides how She would currently like to be served. She is an excellent trainer who has been very generous with my rules.


my Lady, Nite Sprite, is an excellent Trainer andd i would follow Her anywhere. However, She allows and encourages me to play here at SOI, provided i am properly respectful and report to her on my activities. i am not to cum while scening with Her online as She prefers to hear me sing directly to Her ears.

About Moi: Style & Stats

i like to think i have a wide range of interests, desires and styles. i think of my self as flexible; my Lady calls me adaptable (see my Colours below).


My Lady, Nite Sprite, enjoys a wide range of activites (so do i), and has assigned the following colours and handles to me (i am so lucky!):

She has graciously allowed me to write about and post some of the scenes from my training:


i just love women! i just love men! i just love women and men!


soft smile
Being a generally submissive, bisexual male, i generally don't follow many of the typical macho/male attitudes about sex. Like most men, however, i am fairly visually-oriented and

The Crop
The Chain (just love it- reminds me of a collar)
Bi Male
The Paddle
Rear Entry

Links: Stories, Scenes & Fun!

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A Taste of Leather




Some of my favourite rooms at SOI:
Z2 (a room dedicated to the exploration of BDSM
kastle (home)
thedunge (Female Domination)

If You'd like to talk, please feel free to MSG me at: