Hello my name is veronika.

Welcome to my home page. Here I will tell you a little about me and my likes and dislikes

I work in a department store in London, and I am a SEX KITTEN! (that's what many of the guys I know call me because sex is all I ever think about.

I am 29 years old and a brunette with brown eyes

Im sure you have a lot of questions to ask me, well. Here are some of the answers

My age? 29

My height? 50

My weight? 121 lbs.

Am I married? Yes, but my husband and I live free lives

Am I bisexual? yes, but I like guys the most

My Birthday? May 28

Am I horny 24 hours a day? Oh YES!

Am I a stripper/dancer? No but I will perform for my friends

My favorite sex position? doggy style

What turns me on? Large cocks (especially black); Sexy Dommes. My breasts love to be played with and my nipples get hard at the slightest touch. My pussy seems always wanting and once I get horny its difficult to stop me. I love to serve.

My hottest fantasy? I'd LOVE to be with another pretty girl or couple! I'd also like to dance at a strip club for one night and let all the guys do whatever they want to me in a dark corner (the other dancers could help!). Another fantasy is to answer the doorbell and to be seduced or taken by the man or woman at the front door. I really am a fuck slut

BdsmLimits?: No permanent marks, no cutting or piercing, no blood games, No scat and nothing that will affect my real life

I love sex with both men and women. I am presently owned by Mistress Julie. She is very keen on keeping people happy and she wants me to satisfy sexually as many persons as I can.