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Welcome to my page for the

State of Insanity

My regular Home Page is on my ISP server, but this has a summary of my personal information.

The 411 about me:




Generally pleasant and funny

 Ethnic Background:

Plaid: A mix of White and Filipino




5 feet 10 inches (or 1.778 M)


Fiddling with Linux, web surfing, watching movies, fiddling with computers, teaching

 Marital Status:

Single/divorced, no children


Systems Engineer (I'm a polite goon, see the Dilbert cartoon below)
I also teach part-time at the University of Phoenix.




Jewish (So, how many Jewish Filipinos do you see these days??)


Colorado Springs, Colorado (USA)


200 pounds (or 86.364 KG)

 Other Questions?

Mail me while you're at the SOI or drop me E-Mail at

I'll see you around the SOI!

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