Known as "The Tsunami", until recently Tzunali Keiren was a world renowned and greatly sought after aerialist and acrobat within the Cirque du Soleil. She has spent her entire life within the embrace of the Cirque du Soleil from her infancy when she was left behind in the stands at a show twenty years ago in Quebec until just last November in 2006. She was taken in by the Cirque and they became her family and gave her a life not quite the ordinary.

Her remarkable sense of balance and her abilities with the ropes and silks made her a feature attraction for the Cirque from a very young age. Within the loving, if unusual, embrace of her Cirque family she thrived and her abilities grew and flourished. Soon her acts were a feature attraction and she was traveling the world to share her skills with other Cirque location shows.

. . . . . . . .

It was during one of these shows that she caught the eye of a wealthy and, as it turned out, obsessive business mogul. He saw her act and became entranced. He actually tried to -purchase her- from the Cirque, who of course refused but it set the stage for all relations to come.

As he tried to court her and followed her from location to location across Europe and around the world he became more and more insistent that she would be his. Insistent enough to frighten her and eventually to have her tell him she wouldn't see him again.

Possessive of the woman that was not his, the refusal to see him enraged the man. Her family at the Cirque tried to protect her.
Loved ones were hurt... others died.

And Tzunali? She ran.

. . . . . . . .

Now Tzunali has reached The City.

With her unusual pale eyes, the unique beauty of her features and the facial tattoos she wears upon them she hopes works to hide within the great population that such a large city has to offer. Among the "freaks" of society she has hopes of blending in enough to escape notice. And in doing so, escape the obsessive search of the one that wishes to possess that which isn't his to own... isn't anyone's to own.

Tzunali Keiren

. . . . . . . .


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We're all human and we're all adults. Please, if you have a problem with Tzunali's play or a question for the player, contact her through whispers or the mailroom and give "working something out" a chance.

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