The Pet

I have the honor of belonging to my Master. Time passes and the length continues to grow. The pet and the Master. He has helped me to grow and been there for me. Always supporting me and teaching me and loving me. Here is a place I can be me. Here is a place where some things in rt cannot always be done because of our life. Here is the time to sit back and relax and enjoy the love that has grown


About the Pet

I DO NOT play with other males. Talking is fine but I am bound to my Master and he understands that I feel uncomfortable around other males. I serve only Him to the fullest. Please respect that limit because it will not be crossed.

I am a troublemaker. If you find me getting in trouble. Feel free to alert my Master. I cannot seem to help it. It is something deep inside me that comes out at the oddest of times. Remember that it is not meant as disrespect and I apologize in advance if you are caught in the crossfire.

I am NOT looking for a Master. I am not looking to play or rp sex or my submission with anyone but my Master and whoever might be brought into the relationship with us. Please respect my boundaries as I will yours.

I come here to vent. to have a stress relief from the reality of rt and the things found there that cannot be changed. Please accept and respect I am here for this reason and not to entertain anyone else. This is my time to decompress and enjoy with Master, friends, or just rping in other realms.

There is no disrespect intended when I speak to others. I will call no one else Master or Mistress. Most times the Sir and Ma'am are left off as well. It is not meant as disrespect in any means. I was taught in an rt environment where some thing are not done just because someone says they are something. Respect will be given still just in basic Vanilla ways until well known. So if I would not do so in an rt situation then I will not do so in a vt one. I show who I am in rt in vt with little to no exceptions. I do not always act submissive or in a form most would expect. I do not lower my gaze or crawl to any but my Master. There are reasons and again it is not meant to tick anyone off it is just who I am. If visiting other homes and places then I will act accordingly. In my own home though I act as I am. I will show respect but expect others to not expect me to be something that I am not but to the one I have given myself to. So please remember to respect me as I will you. Just dont demand it or anything from me. I might choose to give my submission to my Master but to others that is off the table so dont act like I am nothing more then what you think.I might be submissive but I am far from a doormat, useless property, unable to think for self. If you think that or try and push that on me you will be shown the ignore button.