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~tina's little homepage~

Hi!... i'm tina, also known as tinalove and welcome to my little home page... i have been trying to figure out all this HTML stuff... and as you can see i need all the help i can get... soooo... if you have any really brilliant ideas... tell me more... ~wink~

I am originally from the Abruzzi region in Italy and then Queens, Long Island NY... thats near NYC... *kewl* now just about all my relatives are from Brooklyn and Staten Island... yea... your typical Italian~American girl with "Da Brooklyn Accent." Or is it Staten Eyeland? *smiling* Oh, did i mention that i am an only child?... no??... well, i am, so i guess that qualifies me as a"Brat" *wg* Aquarius is my sign... that means I was born in February... the rest of the math is on you. *s* I'm not all that up in forecasting charts with the good stuff that goes into them so lets leave that... to the Astrologers..

soooo... now your wondering, just what is it she does for a living... right? well, I work with computers... opps!!! lemmi rephrase that... I work with people who work with computers... am i working you to death yet???... no way!, right?... right!!!... *gigglin*

hear me...

ok, now that i'm lööking atcha ~giggle~ i guess you want to know what i'm doing living in the Southeast USA if i'm from NY, right? i was just kidding ya... you weren't thinking that at all... lemmi think..Oh yes!!... work... that is what i was saying... how boring!! anywho...we moved from the NYC area back in 92 to pioneer the Marvelous living in the Great Smokie Mountains... uh huh... you got it!!!... them thar "City Folk" living with the birds and all the ~Ouch!~ bees... ~grin~

Yesssss!!! wakening to the Melodious sounds of Dear Mother Nature's array of song birds... the wrestling sounds of small critters... squirrels, chipmunks and other sneaky unknowns thrashing about in their play... foraging for food... the glistening wet of the grass dampening my toes and ankles as i wander through the trails of critter dwellings... and bugs!!! ones that i have never seen the likes of!!! Is it a wonder that within a years time i was at war with the catbird?? It's call so unatuned to the rest... hurling small stones in the direction of every one of their cries... then the Wise Owl... with his tale of who?.. who?... sounding more and more like you!!!!!!

Insanity Strikes!!!

As time heals all wounds ~don't you just love that cliche?~ *eyes rolling* the ways of country living soon set in... an accord was reached with the little neighboring critters, finally gaining their acceptance... after all, we are in their backyard *g* Oh, and there was a lot that i missed about the city life... all the stores, restaurants, and so many different people i used to encounter daily... however other things soon became important... like learning to politely say no to squash... So, now its waving~~ hi to people in front of their homes when you pass, despite the fact that you don't know them... even though i might be whining, overall i wouldn't have it any other way... i just simply love living in the country... and tending my rose garden... *s* sorry, no veggies... guess i ain't a farmer's daughter... *gigglin*

Then along came the Internet...

I guess it was sometime around 95-96 that i began to dabber with the web... mostly into surfing all the informative pages on whatever i thought of at the moment... ~grinning~ as we all know, sooner or later the chat sites become a point of well, curiosity shall we say?? well, in that forest there were all kinds of critters...some of whom i have only imagined in my wildest dreams!!! ~laughing~ of course one soon learns what paths and places to go, and sometimes perhaps avoid!!! *wg* however...

On Christmas day of 96 i happened upon someone in a place called biancas...her name was Gina... it wasn't long at all before we became best of cyber-friends... two grrls, two cultures across the globe...whoever thought that we could find so much in common... so here we were hopping about from one chat place to another in search of each other and finally finding SOI to be the most, how to say... inviting?? *gigglin* of course we knew nothing about private rooms... ~but quickly found out!!!... hmmmmmm... now thinking of a very kind Gentleman who generously "loaned" us a room for a few weeks... till we got our own...*


and whilst on the thought of this kind man... he does so nicely visit me in chat sometimes, though briefly... sneaking out of a floorboard or any crevice in a room like a Stainless Steel Rat... and placing the *cutest* little kiss behind my ear and then disappearing..... ~giggle~

Now... back to Ginalove and i as we are known in SOI... at some point vt and rt seem to blend cuz reality sets in when we speak on the phone... or a package arrives with all the frantic anticipations of opening it shuddering through you... of course, there is the sweet revenge of sneaking one off to her... *WG* So, a loving friendship and some has developed... despite the time/distance... i guess we are sort of stuck with each other no matter what... ~soft warm smile~ anywho... the list seems endless with so many fun caring people i have met... we giggle, laugh, flirt and tease with each other... sigh, even cry... in cyber, tis the place to be!!!


Ok, so what else interests her your wondering, right??... rrrright!!! well, one of the things i like is poetry... not that i am a dweller of any particular type... generally, depending upon my mood, my choices vary... also i may add, sometimes happening upon certain ones can swing me into a totally different... well how to say, world? ~smiling~

now here is a little ~Poetry Page~ that i'm building a bit at a time.. Various Poems and thingies...

soooo.... i see that your yawning... and have totally bored you by wording the ~sands of sleep~ into your tiring eyes...

~~ yesssss... to be continued ~~
~aren't cliff hangers the pits??

~~soooo... whatcha think??~~
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