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Name: Tialla Mimm

Celebrity Claim: Traci Dimwiddie
Age: Older than 45
Height: 4' 11"
Weight: 100 lbs (Fully clothed and soaking wet)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Ranges from crystal blue to smokey green
Race: Human (unknown heritage, she was a foundling)
Sex: Not enough

Occupation: Holistic Medicant, on staff at the Atlanta Processing Center.
Under direct supervision of the facilities Grooming Center Director Fiona Mac tíre.

Education/Training: Graduate of Ohio State University,
Masters in Herbology
Minor in Horticulture
Licensed in Holistic Medicine
Licensed Midwife
Associate in Culinary Arts and Nutrition

Skills: Other than the above mentioned;
Advanced childcare skills
Organizational skills
Moderate skills in bar-tending
Limited secretarial skills
Limited IT skills

Preferred work: Holistic Medicine
Tending to children

Medical status: Healing nicely from brutal attack
Otherwise healthy

Family: Tialla was found in an hunting reserve.
The man who found the tiny newborn, Joe Marshall Smith, took her home to his wife/slave.
The family raised her as their own but never officially adopted her.

Place of Birth: Little Rock, Arkansas

Former Owner(s): Lord Mimm

Stipened: $31,000
Sale Cost: $31,000



No one knows where I was born. It was somewhere around Little Rock. I was found just days old in an old hunting reserve by Joe Marshal Smith and his two boys. They brought me home and he and his wife raised me as their own. Although they never adopted me they loved me dearly. To Joe I was his little angel and the Fronya I was the girl she would never be able to have. I was something sent to them from heaven.

When I was 13 I was fully developed, VERY fully developed and my older brothers thought they could make a little money by 'renting' me out to their friends. After the first month Mother noticed something different with me and the boys. She was horrified when I finally told her what was going on and told Father. He took care of the boys and I was never even looked at wrong again after that.

After graduating High School I was sold to a kind man who was only a year older than me. He came from money but Daddy knew him and had approved of him. I was treated kindly and cherished from day one. Our first son was born a year and half later. When he was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes m'Lord sent me to college. Two years later and an Associate in Culinary Arts our second son was born. After weaning him m'Lord sent me to further my academic Degrees. Eight years of schooling and several years of training I ended up with the certifications and licenses mentioned above. Our daughter was a surprise. She was born about halfway through my college career. She was the apple of her father's eye and her brothers' little princess. She was spoiled shamelessly by all of her family and the other slaves in the house. She has since been married and started her own family. During my 32 years with my Master I acquired two sister slaves, lark and tymora. We were very close and loved each other's children like our own.

Three months ago my Master took my sisters and me on a trip from Savannah to Atlanta to see the cultural centers of the area. We had been traveling through town when a riot broke out in the Warehouse district. Our car was stopped and we were ordered out. m'Lord and sisters and I were separated. Not knowing what to do or where to go as I had never been to Atlanta before, I stayed put and hid in a doorway just inside an alley that I thought would keep me hidden but I could still see the street. Little did I know that it would also give three very bad men an opportunity to have what they called 'some fun'.

There were three of them. When they addressed me I did as any well trained slave would, I lowered my eyes so I didn't get a good look at them at first. They ordered me to kneel, which I did. They wanted to know my name, I gave it grudgingly. They didn't start giving me unlawful orders until asking me all my details....my age, my Owner, how many kids I have had and so forth. When they ordered me to strip naked and spread myself for them I panicked and looked up. I caught a glimpse of a mop of blonde hair and piercing blue eyes before his fist slammed into my face. The back of my head cracked hard into the brick of the building behind me. I screamed and was hit in the mouth for my trouble. One of them grabbed my right leg and jerked me deeper into the alley. I screamed again and was hit again on the same spot, I realized that screaming would do me no good as it would never penetrate the noise of what was going on in the street. I spit out blood and tried not to cry. I looked around and tried to grab anything that came to hand. Turning my head I saw a shaved head and dark eyes, I couldn't tell what color, but he had a mustache and go-tee beard.

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