Thia Storm

I am the Maiden ,the Warrior, but all ways a Women.

Savages as some had called it but her mother had been a savage a slave at one point brought over by Vikings no less. Some how she ended up in the east possibly mistaken for one of them and ended up with her father .. then they too began to roam. She had been perhaps 13 when brought over and sadly died while in her young twenties Thia had been 7 at the time. still she remembered.

She had been trained in warfare as it was common in her home and with two brothers and no other females in the house she tended to be more like them. Still time went on and she grew to be one of the most prized beauties of her village .

When the priests of Ophois came with the beauties at their sides preaching the praises of their God she like the others where drawn in to them and the thought of having the power to destroy their enemies and bring peace to their lands once again. The priests offered for the young beauties of the village to go with them to serve Ophois in His temple.

It would be a sign of their loyalty the priests said. Thia like many of the young girls longing to get away from the war and the suffering agreed begging their fathers to let them go and serve this God that wished to help them. They had no idea of what they was walking into.

Thinking they where benefiting their village the girls loaded into covered wagons and went with the priests to a far away land of the Sand Riders to the City of Tremere and there they was bathed clad in silks and began their training as maidens of the Temple. Time went on and it was soon apparent what they had got themselves into. Some tried to run and was killed . Some tried to beg to be released and to go home they was cast upon the sands to their fates of which death was all most a guaranty.

Then some like Thia adjusted and survived the best they could . The maidens had to remain pure and those that pleased the most was given eternal youth by the cruel God so that He may display them like trophies. If was forbidden to touch a maiden of Ophois though they was taught well to entice and please those watching them serve.

Thia schemed and planned her upbringing helping her as she fought to survive. Then when given the chance she escaped and ran she knew she would never be released other wise. She was determined to take her life in her hands and after suffering the sadistic temple she had a will of iron to hold her threw.

She snuck into a caravan tent and hid among the goods as it traveled. Stealing what she needed with what little belongings she had she managed to hide out long enough to make it to the oasis’s that was along the rout and then slipped away.

Some how she wasn’t sure how she awoke one morning in a mountainous area and then traveled west and finally came to the Temple of A Goddess. Brought in by curiosity she soon came to love those here and call this her home.

Woe to ANY that come here with the intentions of doing harm. This is her home and she serves the Goddess above all. She will fight to protect this Temple with her last dieing breath if need be. As the Temple Guardian she is fully capable of remove those that would be less then good guests.

She is a quit Guardian though not unfriendly one must take time to get to know her and her them if they wish a friendship. She is not here to see to your pleasures she is here to protect. Please be respectful when interacting with Thia she will be watching you.