The Warden

Gull Island State Prison
Men's Penitentiary

His Reality

Convicts are scum. In reality, only a tiny handful will respond to touchy, feely rehabiliation programs and go straight after they serve their time. The rest of them deserve to be, and need to be beaten and scared straight.

On the outside, he's a polished leader, a highly respected expert in the field. In reality, he's a sadistic son-of-a-bitch who will milk the system for his own pleasure and to pursue his own interests.

Those who don't stay out of trouble soon learn they'll be on the wrong end of one of The Warden's "sticks." He makes sure they are infinitely familiar with various forms of intense persuasion.

Political Persona

The respected, experienced warden maintains a small, model rehabilitation program in the facility. Candidates for this program are hand-picked by the Warden or trusted associates - only the most likely to succeed are given the privileges of the model wing (including physical safety, excellent educational programs, and other support). The model program generates enough success that the prison's overall "rehabilitiation" and recidivism rates are not worse than other prisons.


The Warden fancies himself a "scientist" researching the role of pain and rewards on behavioral conditioning. He's also quite the hedonist who makes sure his minions address his needs and desires.

Role Models
The Warden follows many of the precepts of Matron Mama Morton [from the musical Chicago] with a bit of Count Rugen [author of the "definitive history of pain" in the Princess Bride] thrown in.
When you're good for Papa... he's not so hard on you!
They say that life is a bitch
And that's the way I live -
Using a little carrot and a lot of stick
For that's what I've got to give.

Let's all stroke together
Like the Princeton crew -
When you're strokin' Papa
Papa's strokin' you.

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