the thief Cade

Much about Cade's birth and early life are lost to history. He was an average thief lusting after the big score to set him apart from everyone else. After a few years of waiting and getting wounded time after time by his angry victims, he happened to hear a rumor about a powerful regeneration spell scroll owned by the wizard warlord Manshoon. Cade's family had always dabbled in magic and he having somewhat of a gift with it himself, he figured he could more than handle the spell. Cade set off to pilfer the scroll from Manshoon.
Cade was able to successfully evade the traps and creatures at the wizard's disposal. Upon reaching the chamber the scroll was hidden in, Cade was wounded severely but was able to retrieve the scroll. He had no choice but to use it there. It was beyond his control and backfired on him, making it easy for Manshoon to capture him.
As punishment for this crime the wizard had Cade's family rounded up and brought to him. Chaining Cade to a stone pillar in the courtyard, Manshoon forced him to watch as his entire family was raped before him by the wizard’s pets and undead servants, till even the bones turned to dust. He tore Cade's limbs off one by one then had him set in the fireplace to use as a log. This went on for a hundred years. Manshoon thinking he had broken the small halfing, let his guard down. Cade escaped, healing and plotting his revenge. Cade waited for a few years before he began. After a hundred years, slogging thru his servants, Cade had his revenge. But he became an exile in his own land, and having traveling the various realms has come to Beware.
The spell has effect the halfling in a very unexpected way. In order to use high magic or to repair wounds he must sacrifice his flesh. Unfortunately he cannot direct this nor can he remove flesh from his body to satisfy it. It must be his living flesh; it will sizzle off of his body, as if he is set ablaze.
If wounded he can regrow his body from any wound, but the curse he has inherited from the misguided attempt to use the spell makes this very painful process. It allows him to only regrow enough muscle and ligaments to find his way to a healer. As the pain tries to take over his mind, it has driven him insane on more than one occasion. The initial healing takes place in a matter of minutes, then the healing of the rest of his body takes the same time as normal humans.
Recently Cade has come into the possession of two short swords. Shadow given to him by Evan Scylde for his work in Evan's garden, then Silence. A sword finished for him by the ogre, Gore. Both, though well made, were nothing more than the blades themselves. Having disappeared from the realm of Beware recently for a time he has returned. With new surprises and debts owed for he carries more than just blades now. Both have been enchanted at a price with magic.

Silence has the ability to strike and rend flesh with
out letting a sound be uttered.

Striking an object or even spoken words around a two foot radius around it are rendered silent.

Shadow strikes thru a person or things shadow. Not only can he wound with the blade itself.
But striking the shadow given off by his target, it will cause a wound as if it had pierced flesh.