Hi! My name is ravensong I'm a latina milf.

A professional woman by day, I find the need to

let go of the reigns once work is done and I can be me.

Let's say I'm rather "voluptuous", and old enough to know better!

I like men and women. I guess I just really like people generally.

If I've failed to cover anything, just ask about anything virtual.

That's it for now! Perhaps more to come later.

Nicknames: "raven" or "rave"
Measurements: 34E-27-36
Height: 5 ft 4 in
Weight: 130 lb
Age: 40+
Eye color: Almost black
Hair: Black, long and thick
Aphrodisiac: Power
Sexual Interest: Dominant Men and Women
Limits: Anything beyond Your imagination
Home: #r-place4(RAVEN'S DARKNESS)