six foot two with eyes of blue
honed and toned and ready for you
lean and mean or nice as ice
it's up to you to make your choice
it all depends on how you treat him

Six foot two with deep blue sparkling eyes. 210lbs of toned muscle from the training he does. Training which gives him the ability to look after himself very well. Chris (The Hustler) is English by birth and still retains the accent which is noticeable. Born into a middle class family he came to the states to try his luck at the tables in Vegas. This along with the horses is the way he pays for what he enjoys in life. There is only one reason he stays......a lady who is very special to him. When she tells him it is time to go then he will leave but until then......*smiles*
He has made some very good friends in the time he has been here and they know who they are......people very precious to him.....who he will do anything for.......others he can take or is their choice.
The one who captures his heart will be treated like a princess.....but until that time he will enjoy what life has to offer him.