I'm calledthe~girlchild but you can call me T.C.
Yes, I am of age even if I don't look it.
I have moved to the City to be with my guardian
jazmin but we don't really play over in the City anymore.
My life has not been an easy one and have moved around alot.
Have learned to use my charms to get my way. A smile or a pout
I have learned that Men/Woman can't seem to say no to them.
So, I'm done being shuffled here and there, now that
I am of age my guardian has to put up me here in SoI.
That Darn Woman is always trying to run my LIFE!!

There is a dark side to me and if Your lucky
might share that side with You.
If You think You can handle me
that is
~soft innocent smile~

using Sexy Teen Sandy