The Coin "Darwin"

The Coin, aka - 'Darwin' is a character in different RPGs.

Welcome to the world of the Others.

Below is some basic details about Darwin, and by essence what he is, and what he isn't. Thanks for your time! Enjoy!

Darwin is based off Egyptian Mythos, and the Mythos of the "Watch" series, written by the Russian author:
Sergey Lukyanenko.

Darwin is an Other from a different time era. Meaning, he's a loose translation of somethings found in Lukyanenko's world.

The Coin, Darwin, Narthotep, whatever name he goes by he is a Twilight Other. He is neither Light nor Dark. He is merely, Twilight. All the powers that he could possess are maintained by the Twilight, and are shaped by him. However, do note that none of his powers will work on other players if they do not want them to. All other 'npc' people in the world, they work at full capacity. There is one difference here then in the books. By all accounts and backstory, he has no idea about the 'Treaty' at all. He's been a coin for so long and with rare occasion to bump into Others..