I'm called the~girlchild but you can call me T.C.Pale
Yes, I am of age even if I don't look it.
I have moved to the City to be with my guardian
Jazmin Jackson
the past owner of #r-adive(The Dive). She gave me a job
as the manager of #r-ssbus(The Place) for all Your Catering needs.
My life has not been an easy one and have moved around alot.
Have learned to use my charms to get my way. A smile or a pout
I have learned that Men/Woman can't seem to say no to them.
So, I'm done being shuffled here and there, now that
I am of age my guardian has to put up me here in the City.

There is a dark side to me and if Your lucky
might share that side with You.
If You think You can handle me
that is
~soft innocent smile~

using Sexy Teen Sandy