Tarod Dane

About the Master

I am a rt Master and have owned My tiny~pet since 2001. We have a wonderful rt relationship. I enjoy My time on line. Interacting and making friends. I'm not here for a quick fuck, and if that is all your looking for, do us both a favor and take it elsewhere.

I have a darker side and from this moment forward it is locked away. Don't look to sit in my lap, be hugged, snuggled, kissed or touched in any other way any longer, I'm just not doing it.

I enjoy talking to others. I am looking for a vt relationship that could possibly go into rt at some point. I am open to answering questions. To talking and exploring what can be found within everyone's boundaries. Though I do not put up with bullshit or playing around in the sense of someone just looking for some sex. I seek deeper relationships where simple things like how your day is going can be discussed.