TC, aka TangoCharlie, is a rugged looking man in his late 30's or early 40's usually seen wearing well worn black BDU pants and a black t-shirt. Standing just over 6 feet tall he carries 200 pounds of hard packed muscle and bone. His body is well tanned and well honed but it is marred with scars from his ankles to his head. Some are small, some large, ranging from round bullet scars to jagged shrapnel marks. His shaved head and muscular frame give him the appearance of a soldier on leave, his build and bearing definately suggest military training at least.

Born in eastern Canada in 1972, TC enlisted in the army in 1990 and was assigned to the Canadian Airborne Regiment. He tried out, and was accepted into JTF2 in 1993 and his further history is classified. It is assumed he became part of a black ops brick and has worked with the SAS, GSG-9, SEALS and many other SPEC OPS forces on missions around the world.

TC has studied several martial arts, is a master of weaponry and survival skills, and is especially skilled in infiltration and exfiltration operations. Officially he is a contracted security consultant for the Department of Foreign Affairs but JTF2 operatives have no official files and it is assumed that he is still in black ops.

TangoCharlie disappeared from the City in 2003 and returned in 2012. No one knows where he went. Given his line of work he is not likely to tell anyone but a good guess might be Afganistan. He since left the City and has been seen in Hong Kong and Milan, as well as a few other places. Who knows where he'll show up next?