Swirling fog constantly surrounds the remote ancient Castle GreySyn perched precariously on a crumbling cliff over looking the pounding surf below..

Entrance to the castle may be found either by sea .. beaching the boat upon the soft sugar white sands.. then follow a dangerous path cut into the rock face of the cliff leading upwards...OR by way of a well worn dirt path leaning across the vast expanse of lush clover scented immaculately tended lawns..

Once there O/one crosses a massive oaken drawbridge ..leading into the courtyard...where quarters maybe found for Your servants...stables for Y/your horses...etc...

Castle GreySyn is entered through huge wooden doors...no need to beg permission to enter.. A/all are welcome.. once inside Y/you will find Y/yourself at the top of a winding stone staircase built into the wall...one that begs for Ladies in long flowing gowns to descend while handsome Knights below watch enthralled ..hoping to catch the briefest glimpse of a well turned ankle...OR.. an impish submissive wishing to help "polish" the banister by straddling it.. getting a fantastic ride...

The main hall, found at the base of the staircase, contains all that could O/one could possibly desire´┐Ż

Off to the right there is a fully stocked bar ..which leads into a kitchen overflowing with food ..not to mention brightly polished silver serving pieces, delicate china and golden goblets..

To the left of the staircase is a discreetly hidden closet ..(entered by knocking three times on the GreySyn crest)...filled with all kinds of wondrous.."toys" to enhance the moment..

A massive fireplace is the focal point of the room..giving it much needed warmth...over the mantle is draped an ornate tapestry of the GreySyn Crest..
Candelabras fill the room with flickering soft lighting. Ample seating is scatter throughout the medieval main hall..as well as piles of embroidered pillows and soft lush fur rugs begging to be used..

Of Course, Masters and Mistresses are welcome to add their own touches..treasures and toys...