~are You a figment of my imagination....or am i one of Yours?~
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<font color=BOE2FF>~are You a figment of my imagination....or am i one of Yours?~</font>

she glides on bare feet across the room
material flowing from her willow body
she removes the pins from her hair,
long, curly and coppery
Their eyes meet...lock together
for they are one and know the
soul of each....

her body longs for the feel of His stroke
she waits....He commands
He discards her finery
her naked flesh glows as the candle light
dances upon her .......
His hands secure hers, lifting them up
His fingers trace patterns down her sides
hardening her treats....His mouth suckles
her desire grows...His manner becomes severe
her moans intensify

He grasps her wetness pulling her into Him...
her legs spread wide for His invasion
His fingers deep inside ....
pulling her hair, her breasts
thrust upward, her firm nipples inviting
His sex hard with lust....He enters her
Their bodies erupt in fire.....

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