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Welcome To My Home Page *warm, friendly smile*

You will know me by my warm smiles as well as humor and desire to have fun (I hope that's why your here, too). I have met many wonderful people here and have become cyber friends with several.

I am a single female, twenty-seven years old, five feet seven inches tall. I have light brown, shoulder-length hair that lightens with the summer sun and deep, brown "bedroom" eyes (according to my friends). Always cheerful, a likeness of my outward expression might be best captured in this Maxfield Perrish painting .

One of my favorite activities is horseback riding. I love to travel, especially out west in the rockies, where I am able to ride horseback in the Grand Tetons. On the personal side (blushing), I am 34B - 23 - 33, but still think I have a rather cute tush. I am a graduate from a Big 10 university and work for a small consulting firm, which requires some travel from time to time. I live alone and office at my home.

I am from the upper midwest, USA, CST zone and would warmly welcome any emails  or you may leave a note at a room which I frequent. I wish you happiness and fulfillment.

Peace and Friendship *warm smile*