Hello, i'm suzey, a 28yo former college student who tried to pay my studies by doing tricks in the street. Problem was i liked the sex and the naughty feeling a lot, so i ended up just working the street. Having kept away from drugs and pimps until a black gang took over my area.they "owned" me, and the girls who work the streets. I was "employed" in their "club" they got me starrin in a number of pornflicks, especially the "black stud/white ho"-type, but also some with bdsm-theme. I ran off a when the gang was splitting up in a pretty violent way. Instead i got stuck in a white slave trading business run by a russian league over in the city. Fortunately the feds blew up the gang, but it left me without anything but the clothes i wore. Knowing of nothing else, i treid to freelance in the hood, but got caught by the new muscle in the restored Bro's gang. After some "explanation" and "correction" i now has a big debt to pay ....my debt is "owned" by The Bro's and I work to pay it off

I am originally from Sweden, 27 yo, 165cm long and weighs about 58 kg. My hair is blonde and straight, reaching to my shoulders but usually I have it put up in a ponytail. I have greyblue eyes and my measurements are 78b-72-85 (31b-28-34). My breasts are firm with reddish nipples and I have my pussy well shaved at all times to satisfy my owners.