Hi, I'm Sunny(UK)!

Picture of me I'm a 32 year young man. I was born in Denmark, but moved to England a couple of years ago.

I'm divorced twice and now living single, although that might have changed since I wrote this I do not guarantee to update this page frequently.  If you're a hot woman, then feel free to query this status and try to change it *wink*.  If you're a man, then I'll be more than happy to split a couple of pints and discuss why women are such strange and wonderful creatures, that we men seem to never quite understand.

My chat-time is mostly spent flirting, but don't let that worry you... I mean everything I say! *wink*

I work with computers.  Currently my job title is "senior business analyst", but I have tried many of the different job types that are available in this industry.

I love to travel, and have visited most countries in Europe, as well as Marocco and Brazil.  Not sure where the next long trip will go to, but I guess it's about time to at least cast a glance at USA to confirm all my prejudices *laughs*.

Politically I'm a marxistic conservative capitalist with liberal points of view and the willingness to defend everybody's right to disagree with me.

If I'm not hanging out in SOI, then feel free to drop me a message or send me an e-mail at SunnyUK@hyperchat.com

*blowing finger kisses to all the women and patting all the men's shoulders*

Last updated 10. December 2000