Hello! My name is Melissa and I am formerly from Coshocton, Ohio, USA, but now live in Simi Valley, California, by way of the United Kingdom, just north of London. *whew* A lot of moving around, I know!! I moved to the UK on March 3rd, 1998 to marry a wonderful man I met here at SOI, in room 4151. We were married on March 14th. Click here to see his homepage.

While in Ohio, I worked for a huge basket factory. Go here for a look at some of their products and to find out more about the company. In January they finished the construction of a very unique corporate office and the picture can be found by following the link.

I love sports....especially the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Reds. The Football Hall of Fame is located near Coshocton and it's a really cool place to visit!

When I'm online chatting, I spend most of my time in room 4151 (Steve's Place) here at SOI. Check it out if you get a chance!

Thanks for visiting! I will be adding to this in the future, but that's all for now. If you wish, you can send me email to let me know what you think....or just to say hi! Please come back again!

Gotta love Pooh!
Visit my Pooh room at #r-winnie

Anne Geddes

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