she woke up disoriented in a cell, missing most of her memory, including her name, and tried to piece things together. not sure, but she figured she was probably date raped. the jerks got scared, she decided, and dumped her there. how on earth else could she have ended up bruised and dirty in that godforsaken place?

she hoped someone would bail her out, but the fact was she hadn�t a clue who that might be. her jet setter parents saw that she was always in some pricey boarding school and she never wanted for material things. but she didn�t even know what continent they�re on recently, and supposed they forgot where they left her, anyhow.

eventually someone did come: Mr. Smith

a few days later, Mr. Smith's Manservant John attached Mr. Smith's brand to the collar at her throat

she soon became his "personal" amusment device...worked her way into His confidence and now hostesses His various homes around the world

then, out of the blue, Mr. Smith announced he was relocating the Smith Mansion to the City. He gave her a choice:

"Come with Me, run My new home...or go back to the pig sty..."

it was a no-brainer...