not exactly sure, but she figured she was probably date raped. The jerks got scared, she decided, and dumped her here. How on earth else could she have ended up bruised and dirty in this godforsaken place?

she hopes someone will bail her out, but the fact is she hasnít a clue who that might be. her jet setter parents saw that she was always in some pricey boarding school and she never wanted for material things. but she doesnít even know what continent theyíre on this month, and supposes they forgot where they left her, anyhow.

then there are the dreams. she canít remember when they started, but it was when she was still a little girl long before she could identify the emotions. as she grew older, they became more and more frightening and brought erotic urges she knew were to be supressed at all costs. in her dream she was naked. helpless. cuffed. caged up in some dark place or spread-eagled in a dungeon awaiting a Masterís punishment on some whim. she dared not tell a soul...

yet here she was...

Irish descent, creamy skin and plenty of freckles. of course, she's a redhead. short hair with an expensive cut. when she showed up here, she was a bruised, dirty, tangled, matted mess. intelligent hazel eyes and cute figure, but she doesn't realize it.

a real fish out of water, she's quietly in her cage most of the time, watching, learning.

((r/t demands mean she's rarely visible, often for weeks at a time. she checks messages often, but only lights up when she has an hour or more to play))