i am a bit of a paradox .. just the way things are. a naturist for many years, i work in conventional medicine. you'd find me a tad on the conservative side, although i love to run naked beneath the sunlight and would always defend your right to do the same. i am a modern day woman with a retrospective viewpoint on how a Man should be treated. i am no longer able to dance or sing in the ways i once could, and yet anyone with perception will see me do both in nearly everything i do.

i like being a woman, even now today when i am a mature woman especially knowing my heart remains young. i love that i am submissive in my deepest reality as the power of that remains a tangible thing even in those moments that i am alone and not with One. i enjoy the writing of the sensual, knowing that my real experiences color my words. i take comfort in my gentleness for i understand the strength that lies beneath it.

if i could change my me today,
i might walk in desert moonlit warmth,�
���� or high mountain ridge, warm tropical sultry green�
���� with echoing surf calls pulling me close.�
���� i'd wear but a slip, skin cocoa butter soft,�
���� and brown as a nutmeat, and sweet to the tooth.�
���� i'd sing all my words, and laugh at those�
���� who would glance at the�� picture i was.�
���� a hut filled with bookshelves�
���� and candles and breads, and� wee pups�
���� to snuggle each night that He was not here�
���� to wrench me to Him at night in that bed.�
���� and regrets would be fewer, and pleasures loved more,�
���� and guilt would be banned and love be explored.�
���� and i would not care if the chimney were tall,�
���� nor my ears shined with jewels or my closets were filled.�
���� just give me a tree swing and breeze at my back�
���� and friends playing guitars on the�
���� white wicker furniture i'd dust with my breath.�
���� allow me my health, allow me my joy,�
���� place music around me, and clouds overhead.�
���� let my trees bear ripe mangos, my feet dance on grass�
���� and my children inherit my joy in their worth.�

�`lady/sls 1/99

my rooms.....
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the midi playing is Iraqui Bells, the background is Nude by Dali, faded and retinted. 01/00, original work � sls as dated.