Starlight Unicorn

"May the Goddess shine her blessings upon your day.
May the light of the Unicorn, brighten your path,
For sisters we are and sisters we will stay,
United by the magick of the horn."


Unicorns are greatly gifted in the magickal arts. Their horns hold their power, and they are adept at both healing, forest magick, and change of form. The touch of their horn to a wound can heal it almost instantly. Their magick can clense the lakes and streams of poison, cause flowers and grass and trees to spring from fruitless earth.

Unicorns are peaceful creatures. They fight only when pressed. Their greatest weapon is not their magick or their horn, but the strength of their bodies. With hooves of either gold or silver, a well-placed kick from a Unicorn can be deadly. They are, however, just as vulnerable as any other forest creature, and can be killed by taking their horn. If the horn is not returned to and rejoined to the Unicorn's forehead within three days, the Unicorn will perish, and its magick will belong to the holder of its horn.

With their ability to change form, Unicorns can assume the shape of a humanoid to move amongst them and learn more of them. It is the belief of some Unicorns that, by learning more of humans and their ways, they can become better teachers to the humans, and guide them away from their violent ways to find peace with themselves, the other races, and nature itself.


Of all the herds of Unicorn, Starlight is of the rarest. Her herd encourages and enjoys contact with humans. For centuries, each Unicorn of her herd has selected one Rider, one person they know in their souls they can trust, and taught that Rider the ways of magick.

Starlight's dam was a white mare named MoonGlow. Her sire was a great silver stallion named StarDancer. Starlight is now a good 100 human years old, a mature Unicorn making her own way in the world. She seeks friends and companions and, above all, a Rider to teach the ways of magick to.