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do you remember me,
a friend or foe?
i used to live here..
not long ago.

life's times and trials
have taken me away.
sometimes i wish badly
someone would ask me to stay

but my mailroom is empty,
the light doesn't flash.
having a face and voice here..
is more than paying cash.

do you remember me?
i came seeking a friend..
laughed, cried and prayed here
weary now, at it's end.

will you remember me?
have i made a difference at all?
have i made one person smile
or a big problem seem small?

do you remember me?
is there any way to know.
why did you look the other way...
and not hold my hand as i cried?

will you think of me ever,
now that i'm gone?
will you wish you had known me?
or be glad you left me alone?

forgive a wrongdoing
hold out your hand..
there may not be a tomorrow
here in soi land.
You can change this