Name:: Spryng Cloud
Celebrity Claim:: Miss Mosh (Shared with permission of Innocencia Sa'reen)
Race:: Swan (Born)
Age:: 18

Status:: omega ((Part of Anui Yan and Rayne Cloud's in progress SL))
Distinction::White with white flight feathers

Height:: 5'1
Build:: Slim
Hair:: White (normally but subject to change)
Eyes:: Blue
Parents:: One or two
Siblings:: Many

Powers:: Incredibly fast shift to animal, no shift coma (inherent in all swans), cuteness

Weakness: Swan, tends to have a higher level of anxiety than her sisters and is the worrier.


Hi. My name's Spryng. I'm the next to last of seven in my clutch. There are the older sisters and then the twins Rayne and Shyne and then the triplets Symmer, Wynter, and myself. I'm the middle of the triplets.

I'm the perverbial middle child (even if there's seven of us). I'm not the oldest so I can't be bossy and I'm not the baby so I can't always get the last of the cookies. But Rayne tries to make up for it by teaching me how to use a blade and I'm pretty good at it. But don't tell or he might stop teaching me. impish grin

I'm not exactly sure why Rayne had to run and Shyne convinced him to leave. But Wynter seems to think that she's the reason we are no longer clutch like we should be. Randall made her some kind of an offer and then Rayne came in an shot him. It must have been very bad for that to have happened. But I think he deserved it. He wasn't a nice man.

We've always been clutch till then. When Rayne was gone Shyne took up the mantel and things with Randall got worse fast. Shyne swore we would be clutch again, we would be safe. So when it got really really bad...

Shyne gathered us up and we ran

We're a clutch. We belong together. We take care of each other.