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American Leatherwoman 2000

Well, this seems to have become a work in a long, long process.

I'm a 43 year old woman from Pittsburgh, Pa who is active in the national and local leather community. I hope that you find some of the information here helpful. It's been compiled from a lot of friends and family throughout the community.

I moved back home to Pittsburgh after making a mess of my life in the south. The best thing that I found in the southeast was the fellowship of the levi/leather clubs. The worse thing that I found (outside of the leather clubs) was a cocaine addiction. I still maintain associate memberships in Trident Knights Levi/Leather Club in Charleston, SC and CLAWS of Myrtle Beach, SC and am an honorary member of Leather Central in Pittsburgh. The clubs which I have been active with are active in fundraising for several charities with benefactors is Sue Kuhlen's Camp for Kids in SC, a great camp for children who are HIV+. The camp takes the kids on outings, provides a summer camp for them and provides the children and their families with a great Christmas. It's a worthwhile charity that I would appreciate you checking out. Our club here in Pittsburgh benefits AIDS Taskforce here in Pittsburgh among other charities.

The Leather Archives is another foundation which I am proud to support.

In the year 2000, I was honored to win the title of American Leatherwoman in Washington, DC. picture together.

I'm also the proud mother of two beautiful, intelligent and amazing daughters who are 16 & 21 and a beautiful granddaughter who will be 2 in April. They restore my energy and my faith in life every moment that I am with them. I question how I could ever be so lucky to have been blessed with them. They are both very intelligent young women who are both beautiful on the inside and the out.

Outside of leather, I do enjoy other activities. I enjoy reading and enjoy writing very much. Maybe one of these days I'll get that book written that I've promised myself for so long. Travel is very high on my list of things to do and I'm forutnate that my title has allowed me to travel for these past several years. I can't forget about the precious feline in my life as well, Benny. He keeps me company all day long while I work.

Please feel free to search the links below and discover all of the opportunity that is out there for you to learn. Please feel free to email me as well if you should have any questions or comment.


Club Affiliations

Trident Knights Levi/Leather Club, Charleston, SC

South East Conference of Clubs

Southern Leather Lesbians at Play (SLLAP)

Menamore Levi/Leather Club, Wilmington, NC

Coastal Empire Sentinels, Savannah, GA

Hedonist Society, Savannah, GA

Pushy Bottoms Society (PBOTS)

SouthEast LeatherWomen's Group

Women's Groups

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National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

The Leather Journal

Leather Page

The Leather Archives




On Our Backs

Organizations & Clubs

Kinky People of Georgia (KPOG)

Master and slaves Together (MAsT)

Atlanta Solidarity

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"Just remember, since we are the "leaders" we have to be the bigger souls. That is the really hard part. Being bigger." Joe Gallagher