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Simon York (OOC) * IC

Mailroom always open.

Q:Why is a world-class operatic baritone in the City, since he's clearly not singing?
A: His polyp surgeon is here.

York's career went on an abrupt hiatus when a rasp to his lower range turned out to be the development of polyps on his vocal cords. The singer declines advanced robotic surgical procedures, preferring instead the services of an old-school human surgeon who lives and works in the City. He got several second opinions. He preferred to take a year and get it done right than get it done swiftly and risk something going wrong.

He's been checking out the recreational opportunities in town. He does not give a damn who knows or cares about his private life, because he has family money. (His occupational income is trivial in comparison.) He has never been successfully blackmailed, and his career seems not to have suffered much from his extracurricular activities.

The polyps, however, are a pressing problem. You can hear the resonance in his voice, but he speaks quite softly in order to shepherd it. He's had the surgery, and his speaking voice sounds like nothing so much as Patrick Stewart, particularly if you're familiar with his work in the movie "Jeffrey".

6' tall, 195 lbs, blue-gray eyes, fair hair, unmarried. Has a spotted Great Dane, Mauser, who is very well trained.


Father: James Frederick York IV, no title, not a played character. Family nickname "Ivy".
Mother: Constance York, the daughter of the Earl of (somewhere), called Lady Constance, a played character.
Eldest brother: James Frederick York V, no title, not a played character. Family nickname "Vee".
Baby sister: Myrtle Rose York, no title, a played character. Family nickname "Rosie".
Simon's family nickname is "Val".

The character is open to any kind of approach, whether friendly or antagonistic. Just let him call his own damage. He's not ready to be killed quite yet. Don't hurt his dog, either.
The character has no story planned, no partnering lined up, and no real goal other than #r-rendez(Rendezvous) style play. He does, however, occasionally sleep with his butler (Cain Ballard) and anyone else he's a mind to, including his sister. He's also moved Graeme Tanner into a guest suite at his beachfront property.
The player prefers to be whispered to in the room he's playing in over having to jump back and forth to the mailroom.

IC information

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