The person behind the name Sidheach is female in rt, not male. I simply identify more with males and prefer to spend My time here as one. This does not make Me any more or less dominant. I will not respond to Lady, Ma'am, Mistress, Domme or any other title reserved for a female dominant. When I am using this name everything, right down to scening and sex will be in male form. If you cannot handle gender bending then refrain from entering My room. I will politely return the favor and not enter yours.

I am always honest about My rt gender. If there are any curious questions feel free to mail Me.

Thank you.


Gender Bender: Gender bender is an informal term used to refer to a person who actively transgresses, or "bends," expected gender roles. Boy George was called a "gender bender" because of his tendency to wear make-up and clothes perceived as feminine. Gender bending is a form of social activism in response to assumptions or over-generalisations about genders. Some gender benders identify with the gender assigned them at birth, but challenge the norms of that gender through androgynous behavior and atypical gender roles. Gender benders may self-identify as transgender or genderqueer, feeling that the gender assigned to them at their birth is an inaccurate or incomplete description of themselves; some are transsexual and desire to change their physical sex through hormone therapy or sex reassignment surgery, while others were born intersexual. Others may identify as Two-Spirit or members of a third gender.