What does a Father do with a daughter, lovely of face and form, but through a quirk of fate, is born different from all others?

First, he'll learn to never dally with an Egyptian woman, no matter how lovely she might be. For this little dalliance resulted in the birth of a girl more Roman in look than Egyptian. In fact, she bears a striking resemblance to her Father. Except for her eyes, one a rich brown, the other, a brilliant blue. A gift from the gods, or a curse? Depends on one's point of view.

Perhaps it was a twinge of guilt (certainly the only he's ever had) that made him take the child and raise her as his own after her mother died of illness.

Of course this didn't sit well with his wife. The girl was a constant reminder of her Husband's affair with another. Grudgingly she cares for the girl, though most of her attentions are lavished on her lazy, selfish and spoiled son.

That sheriti is lovely there is no question, but those eyes. They brought open stares and curses. Finger pointing; ridicule and laughter. And with the passing of time her Father grew more and more angry.

Daughers were for marrying off, forming alliances, currying favors. But what is a Father to do when he can't increase his wealth, his own status and position, by marrying her off to an important family of Rome?

He's less sought out, of less importance. No one seeks his favor anymore, let alone grant him any. Never mind that his son can't keep away from the whores and gambling dens, forcing his Father to pay off the increasing debt.

But why blame his son, or himself for his troubles, when he can blame the girl? Those mismatched eyes, surely they were a curse and must be gone from his house! If he could not marry her off he must get rid of her another way.

The thought occurred to have her killed but even he had no stomach for that. Throw her to the streets? Oh but there was no profit to be had in it.

What does one do with a girl born with mismatched eyes, one a rich brown, the other a brilliant blue?

Why sell her of course! Let the slavers be burdened with her instead. She'll be out of his house! In spite of her eyes the slavers took her. With her thick blonde waves, lush body and...still being intact...she'll hopefully fetch a good price.