Shadow Mistress aka ~lil shadow slut~

note is in #r-nugatory
you know the pw

PS.if your image is so large that it does not can bet i already have you on ignore....

Fuck what You heard.
I keep my circle small and my wall high.
I don't play games and I'll treat you
the same way you treat me.
Be careful not to underestimate me.
My heart is big and I do love hard,
but I don't give a Fuck even harder.

This name was created in the theory, that she could help me weed out the not so real Doms,
Not because I'm a real Domme but because I am a strong willed woman, And I need an even stronger willed Man,
So when and if I even find the Dom that can handle Her, then there should be no reason He couldn't handle me. In the end, over time, and experience She has in fact helped me see the Fake Doms, the wanna be Doms,
and the very few Real Doms that remain. I seriously can't count the number of Doms that have came to her and asked for Her to top them. Sorry guys, it's not my's not my interests..And it's a big turn off, because it shows weak You really are..don't get me wrong, I'm honored you asked me..I know the number of real Dommes out there is low as well. but truth is,
I'm not real either, and if I can take you aren't what I'm searching for.
Fact is, I guess I play the Mistress too well, She's became a curse to me. Doms showing me their soft snuggly sides? That's not the kind of Man I want..When the snuggly truth comes out in the end, it explains all the snuggles, all the weakness, the true you...
and I realize all the time wasted..and what I thought was REAL..was all fake..not the true you I kept waiting to see.
So once again, you delete and vanish, which once again, shows the Real Man You aRe.
I'll always love the Man, I thought You were.

I can't change me, and suddenly be like.."oh I love this subby side of you"
No because that's not who i really am..and there's really only one true side of us..
but now i don't know which side of you is Real...but in the end, Yes I do.


boys,..if you can NOT spell..or write a complete sentence..Please do not disturb Me...