Do not read further if you are offended by the following sentence:

"The quick brown fox
jumped over the lazy dog;
what a fucking asshole."

Clamier: The man who's homepage you are going to visit will fuck you up. I swear. He will make you take drugs whose chemical composition is beyond even his own spelling capacity. As a result of this you will likely begin a prostitution ring made up of 19 year olds and destitute nuns. Eventually you will most likely leap from the balcony of your local theatre with seven running chainsaws strapped to various parts of your body. There is a good chance it will be a matinee showing of Bambi as well. So if you feel like ending your days by becoming the center of attention in a big, hard, humming chair, please read on.

Thank you for your time, worship the Anti-Christ and have a nice day.