Seph.. of the State of Insanity

Hi!.. My name is Persephone.. Seph for short...

Welcome to the state of Insanity!

I am the web mistress for the State of Insanity.. *smiling*.. and we have several thousand people who visit daily and make their home in the state, whether they are citizens or guests.

Why do these thousands of people come here? I am not sure!.. *giggle*.. but the state has been here over 20 years, so somebody must like something!

At the moment I am all tied up, but if I get loose you might find me chatting too.. *smile*.. as I always have something to talk about!

Anyway.... *smiling*.. why not come in and give us a try!.. I think you will like it too.. so.. come on in.. chat a spell.. and who knows.. you may just want to come back!

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