Selene Wright

aka street dancer

Age: 26
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 134 lbs

Blonde hair
Blue eyes

Selene prefers not to speak of her past. Even those closest to her only know bits and pieces of it. But there might still be a few in the City who would recall her brief stay in town about 4 years ago. She had worked at the city hospital ER then and had even considered establishing a home. But life rarely works out as planned. As a result of the events that took place, she chose to run away once again.

This time, she hid in the streets. She went were no one would know her or care to find out about her past, and wandered from town to town. During a time, she sauntered upon the sidewalks of the stroll (#r-stroll2). There was little need for names on the streets and people simply called her "dancer". Because that is what she did, dance. It was her passion and her escape from reality. It was there that she met someone who took an interest in her and invited her to Amarillo, Texas.

Initially it was a job offer at a strip club. But something more seemed to have sparked between her and the club owner, when she finally wrapped up the few loose ends on the stroll and moved there. She found herself becoming attached once again. When Cole and paprika decided to move to the City, she hesitated, unsure whether she was ready to face her past or not.

But fate seemed determined to to see her settle. She was called away not long after they'd come to the City. Her family found her and gave her reasons she could not refuse to return home. And when she finally managed to come back she found that the home had moved apart once more. Instead of chasing after it, she dived head first into work and buried herself within it.

OOC Notes

  • The character is still in development.

  • Feel free to reach me through soi mail to set up role play times if there is a need for a doctor.

  • Limits: Children, permanent damage, maiming, scat and piss. Most things are negotiable, as long as they remain IC.

  • No talk of r/t, this is for fantasy and roleplay only. If you want to know r/t stuff, don't bother asking.

The images used of Téa Leoni are done so without her permission and will only be used in the roleplay of this fictional character.

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