Age : Appears to be in his Mid-Twenties

Race : Therianthrope

Height : 6'2"

Build : lean / solid

Eyes : Golden Green

Hair : Black, floor length in relation to his height and much softer than human hair.

Other Distinct Characteristics :
Sazek was infected in his early youth (around the age of eight) and has spent much of his life in his cat form both in South America as well as when trapped within a multitude of zoos after his capture. Due to this, when in human form, his teeth are more feline than human in appearance, his tongue has more of a sandpaper texture than the "norm" and his pupils retain a feline elliptical shape. He has no control over these particular eccentricities.

Abilities and Strengths :
Enhanced senses (all five of them but especially the sense of smell and hearing).
Significantly increased speed, strength and dexterity compared to a normal human's abilities.
He can't heal others or himself, but due to being the race he is, he does heal quicker than "normal".
And, of course, the ability to shape shift between his animal form and human one.

Due to a combination of his personality and age, S A Z E K possesses Alpha abilities. Although he possesses these abilities, he does not have a full understanding of them because of his difficulties in mentally differentiating between his cat and human selves.

S A Z E K is extremely observant, but he is not psychic.
He is, however, a thief . . . although not a particularly bright one at times.

Weaknesses :
Pleasure (all kinds . . . sensual, sexual and otherwise)
He is forced into staying in cat form throughout the 72 hours surrounding the full moon.
Extreme emotions (such as passion, panic, anger) can cause him to accidentally begin to shift (such as growing claws, etc).

More About S A Z E K


S A Z E K is not immortal.
He ages at an extremely slow rate (approx. 30:1)
but is perfectly capable of being injured and/or dying.
Before inflicting such damage upon this character though, the
player behind S A Z E K expects to be contacted ooc either in whispers or the mailroom.

If you have any questions or concerns . . . this includes ic and ooc . . . PLEASE ask either in
the mailroom or whispers. Unlike the character, the player behind
S A Z E K is human and
makes mistakes just like everyone else (in and out of play).
I would much prefer knowing when something is wrong or that there is some kind of
problem, displeasure or discord rather than being left in the dark or given "hints".

Celebrity Reserve : Michael Hutchence and Orlando Bloom
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