SASSMAN's Homepage

Just a quick one, for now, as all the old stuff has since been deleted. I'm "back" to SOI for awhile, at least on an occasional basis.

Who knows HOW often I'll post, but, my mailroom is always open, and I DO check at least once a week.

Hope E/everyone has been doing well in my "absence." I have noticed fewer and fewer of the "old crew" around. Perhaps, as with myself, time and life have provided the necessary gap to make this an occasional visit, rather than a 24/7 hangout..

Stay in touch!

In the meantime, here's a page I was working on when I made my last departure. It's some pictures of butterflies, taken in the Pavillion in Colorado, during a trip there in 2001. Enjoy!


Now that I've had time to collect a few of these, here are five graphic optical illusions. I've reduced the pics so they are more easily viewed over slower connections. None are larger than 60K. Enjoy!

Optical Illusions