The Lady, Herself... is seen most often, clad in rich, black silk... with knee high boots of black, brushed kid leather. Her hair is as black as the darkness, which surrounds and gives her comfort... Emerald green are her eyes and her lips are the deepest, ruby red. Her raven hair is short cropped and lies in feathered wisps about her face and, upon her hand... the fingers long and tipped in sharp red nails... is a ruby ring that gleams and sparkles with a glowing fire. Upon her breast, there hangs a pendant... a sparkling emerald that shimmers with an 'inner fire' and casts its soft facets upon the delicate swells between which it is nestled. This is the symbol of the bond that She shares with her beloved... Aragorn... who dwells within the forest of Ithilien, and who will forever hold the key to the heart of the Lady in his keeping.

Within the fastness of her home of Rosehall, there is the chamber of Stars, in which dwells her sweet miera, slave to the Lady and one who serves with rare devotion, dedication and obedience.

It is only in this 'physical' form... that of Sasha... that the Lady is ever "seen". Appearing otherwise in more 'ethereal' forms... such as A Form in the shadows... , a ~Soft Voice from the shadows..., and now and again... no more than A Quiet Whisper..., or a pair of 0 0... emerald eyes. And has been known, from time to time... to be A Giver of Roses & Notes... which drop from the ethereal heights of the shadows to those who dwell below.

But other than the emerald green that shines within those eyes... her "name" always appears in the color of red, as rich and deep as that of the heart of the ruby upon her hand and the petals of the rose that is the emblem of her House. And always... ever always... when she appears in any form... it is accompanied by her trademark three dots " ... " which stand for the attributes that she prizes above all others... and to which She, Herself, is personally sworn.

That of...

"Truth", "Trust" and "Honor".

... and more often than not, it is her soft voice that greets those whom she meets as she wanders within...

"Hello, my dear. I am Sasha... You are welcome in our Land... and may you find great pleasures... within it's Halls."

The Lady is Domme... and practices the art of BDSM both in Virtual and Real Time as well. She believes in the beauty of what the genre has to offer... and finds great pleasure within it. As she wanders along the paths of both 'worlds'... she offers the hand of friendship to all... and offers guidance and counsel to those who request it. She believes in the virtue of Acceptance of Diversity, the truth of Mutual Consent and the value of Peaceful Co-existence. She is ever the champion for Personal Freedom... and always steadfast in her opposition of Censorship in its ever-evolving forms.

The Lady is the sole proprietor of SR Productions... a film production company with a myriad of subsidiaries ... and from time to time, within the halls of State, these productions are offered for the viewing pleasure of A/all.

The Lady is the possessor of a vineyard which produces a most intriguing and exquisite Merlot. She seldom indulges in any other libation... unless it be a fine, aged, single malt scotch... or a refreshing glass of pure, spring water on ice´┐Ż garnished by a wheel of fresh lemon.

The Lady has a decadent passion for plump, juicy strawberries... hand dipped in the finest of chocolate... and is known to take much pleasure in the consumption of fresh, ripe grapes.

The Lady carries within the rim of her brushed kid boot... a finely crafted crop of braided, black leather. Beneath the tight leather braid of the handle is a rod of steel... and upon one side of its broad, wide tip... there is embedded a series of gleaming metal studs.... a product of the skilled art of Gypsy... one of fame and high regard in the creation of such intriguing implements.


ROSEHALL - The realm of Sasha... is a mountain, which rises alone... and tall upon the shore of Briar Bay. It is bordered to the North by the Tempest River... that flows through its caverns, and continues to the Southern borders of that realm, where it is bordered by the fragrant, green forest of Ithilien. And upon its Eastern border lies the fastness of Dark Tower.

Beneath that mountain lies a 'honeycomb' of passages... which lead to caverns vast and beautiful. There are openings above many of the caverns... that are covered by domes of clear, crystalline glass through which the heavens may be viewed in all their splendor... stars shining brightly upon a ocean of blackest night. Upon the walls of the caverns are hung many mirrors with glass of leaded crystal, framed in oak, dark and intricately carved, flanked on either side by sable draperies, accented along the edges with velvet the color of the deepest ruby red. Upon the walls are fastened torches... alight and casting a warm glow upon everything within, and as they burn, by some magical art... they are smokeless and give forth the scent of roses, of rare orchids, and of sandalwood.

There are many passageways and chambers in her realm... which open to her beloved sea and descend in steps that are hewn from the living stone lead to the beach beyond. The sand, is as soft to the touch as of billowing clouds drifting unseen upon the night sky. It is white and gleaming in its purity, reflecting the glow of the moonlight above, and at its edge, waves forever undulate and lap upon the shore. Towering above the beach upon each side, the living rock continues, affording a rugged barrier upon which the waves crash, dissipate and drift back once more to the undulating, darkness of the sea...

It is forever night in her realm... and the stars burn brightly in the heavens ... the gentle moonlight casting a soft illumination on all that lies below... The constant undulation of the sea is most hypnotic in it's never ending movement ... and within the Moon's caress... and the shimmer of countless stars ... the horizon of the sea meets with the darkness above ... and forms a living infinity... of One... in the union of the Land, the Sea and the Sky...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A mere 'click' upon the rose will transport you to the destination described ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The State of Insanity - The most intriguing and versatile chat site on the Net. It is open to all persons 18 years or older and has the best site 'Residency' package and the lowest membership fees of any comparative site offered anywhere. At its door, also lies the entrance to various "Citizen Operated' sites. It is within the boundaries of State, that the Lady has made her "Home".

Upon entering this realm, one may place the following location names in the "Find" box and click the "Find" button to be transported the various chambers within State in which the Lady most often dwells:

Z2 - The Basement - A public chamber within the State of Insanity that is devoted to the BDSM lifestyle. The Lady often finds great pleasure within its Halls... and there dwell many of skill and adept in the art of the genre.

Towers - The Dark Tower - A semi-private chamber complex within the State of Insanity offering a myriad of 'theme' chambers in which a multitude of pleasures may be found.

Embers - A Pleasure chamber of the Dark Tower Complex, where one may find conversation and companionship in a BDSM genre based atmosphere. The Lady is one of the "Hosts" of this chamber... and is most often found within its Halls.

The Lady may be contacted by email with but a touch upon this rose...

Or through the mailroom at the State of Insanity...

Or by the ICQ address of: 4618522.