is a man of startling handsomeness and strange powers. Standing at his full height of 6' 7" with a lithe frame and long hip length raven hair offset by vividly violet eyes he is a enigma hidden within a mystery. Always ready with a smile and kind word the big man is a gentle soul that has the heart of a warrior. Seemingly never far from him is the black sheathed katana that he wears at his back. The bright silver blade etched with strangely haunting glyphs twined around roses of perfect shape. Gambit as the blade is named becomes liquid silver in his hands, his skill with the chaos forged sword a living dance of death. Born of the Insanity of the Courts of Chaos and the Law of Eternal Amber he holds the blood and powers of both the cities that lie at the ends of shadow. Having walked the Logrus at the very early age of 13 the may be the youngest of the blood to do that and survive but in doing it the forces that came to play within him warped to create the enigma. Concieved from the madness that is the Logrus that lies within the twisted planes of Chaos he was taken into his very elements as all are that dare the walk but in the recreation there was a twist laid in his being and the Warlock was born. Running for his very life from his step grandmother not even his father Mandor could save him from her hate. Alone and lost in shadow he finally made his way to Amber where he was taken in by the relatives on that side of his family for somewhere within the Amberite Princess Flora or Fiona was to be found his mother. Trained under the watchful eye of Benedict his uncle he grew to be a master with the blades he was taught. The katana being the one favored most. But if he hoped for his mother to reveal herself she never did, though both of the ones that were the possibilities treated him with as much love and kindess as the other he was never told. Growing up around the Princes and Princesses of the eternal Amber he learned things that changed his view on the world that he had only known from the point of Chaos. Finally when he reached 17 he was taken to walk the Pattern which is the mirror to the Logrus in Chaos. Successfully travering it's length he became one of the few that could hold both patterns within his being, able to call on both sides of his heritage. In time he was forced to leave Amber when he got into a fight in Arden Forest with his Uncle Julian. Beating Julian at his own game won him that personas hatred and his self exile from his second home. Walking back into the mydrid worlds of shadow he roamed for many years before taking up residence on a shadow called simply Earth. Putting himself through school he in time became a teacher to the young. He had found his place within the realms of shadow and loved the life he forged for himself. But peace was not to be. His step grandmother Dara finally found him after hunting for him for all those years he had spent in Amber. Taken late at night by her faithful followers he was comdemned to many years in the prisons that were created to hold him within the shadows where he could never be a threat to her and her powers. While in the fastness of his prison his paternal grandfather the then High Lord or King of Chaos died from his time walking the ages. His Uncle Merlin came to the throne, his father Mandor stepping aside to let his half brother take the throne. Mandor becoming heir apparent and Rune being his heir if Merlin should die without issue and his father Mandor following him into the darkness. But of these events he had no idea untill after nearly 75 years of captivity he found a way to break free and escape. Breaking away and into shdow he roamed, never staying in one place to long. But tireing of the nomadic life and missing the things that a home can bring he has chosen to settle in Shadow City. Now the owner of a very large ranch outside of the cities confines he with his wife alyssa lead a happy and content existance with thier children Raine and Corie. As well Runes other sons Magi and Griffion.

The Powers Of The Chaos Lord


The power to cast spells from a variety of basis though his main focuses sit in fire and earth based magics. These he can cast seamlessly as he fights within a battle. The true melding of sword and sorcery that is the Warlock. Also added in with this is the ability to trace and see spells cast. Be they on a person or thing he can see within the working of the spell and see where it begins and where it ends. This is often used by him to unravel spells placed on others against their will but it requires a understanding of the magics caster and the type of spell used before this can be attempted. Wards of varied types are a special intrest of the Chaos Lord. He can create many types and styles of wards to use within his castings.


Trained in a variety of weapons by his Uncle Benedict of Amber Rune's preference lies in the Chaos forged katana Gambit. Together these two are a weapon to be feared by those that stand in their way. Fluid and graceful in his movements he is as at home wielding a blade as he is casting a spell.


Like all of those that have successfully walked either the Pattern or the Logrus Rune can manipulate the world aroung him to walk into other worlds as he pleases. Be that world one like Lyonesse or a tech based reality like earth. If his mind can imagine it then he can find it with concentration and the skill of years of passing through the mydrid worlds of shadow.


A special abitlity given to those who walk the Pattern or Logrus and wish to take the time to learn the skills needed to create the Trumps. These cards that resemble a Tarot Deck are used to pass from worlds and places without the need to manipulate shadow and work instantly. But they require skill in art and a concentration that most of the Amberites and Chaosians do not achieve or wish to. To create a Trump they must know the place or in the case of family, person they they wish to contact. Once that is in their mind they must draw from that image a replica of the one or place that is to be represented on the Trump. A image can be taken from someones mind but it must be clear and complete for the Trump to be of any use. Those that do have the skill are greatly prized for their abilities and those that do not have the skill will do much to have a deck created for them. A deck of Trumps is one of a Amberites or Chasoians most prized possessions and are carefully guarded and watched over. Though only useable by one of the blood since they carry a imprint of either the Pattern or Logus within the artwork which is what makes them so difficult to master.


This rather special ability comes only from the Logrus to those that make walked it's twisting insanity. Using their mind and hands they imaging in their mind a pair of gloves or guantlets. Slipping there hands within the unseen reality of the Logrus arm they can then send them out across the worlds of Shadow to find a specific object. They must hold a clear picture of what they require to be found and the closer the object the easier to locate. Once the object is found it is pulled back to the caster and appears in their hand. They cannot however pass through wards or spells of guarding that have been cast on a object or place.


Gambit is Rune's weapon of choice and his oldest companion. The blade is sentient and can speak if it choses but most of the time remains the silent partner in this lifelong relationship. Sword and man forever bonded by spells beyound the understanding of most creatures the two are in many ways one. No other hand can wield the katana that was forged by Dworkin in the fires of Chaos. If another hand lays it'self on the silvered blade without Rune's blessing a shock of staggering proportions blasts through the person till they are forced to release the blade or suffer the agony it brings. A simple summon will bring the blade to his hand if it is needed and it cannot be contained. It will dissappear back to it's master within 36 hours if it is taken from his hands. No spells can be laid over the sword, it's silvered blade etched with glyphs and wards of both Logrus and Pattern. The blade cannot be unmade except by two means. In the fires it was created in with the right spells it may be unmade or by the true and total death of it's master.


The Fire Angel is as true a form as Rune's human guise. Those of Chaos are in true appearance in the realms of Chaos, Amber or Shadow figures of denomic demeanor. This shape or in some cases shapes come forth at the first walking of the Logrus and can change over time though it always stays within the the framework of the original. Runes Chaos Form is that of the Fire Angel a creature from the void on the farthest side of the realm. Hunters that are at times trained as assassins by the more daring and vicious of Chaos's Lord these beasts are one of the most feared sights a Chaosian or other can come across. And one of the deadliest. Standing 11 feet from toe to head the being of living fire is a awesome sight. It's humanoid form is graced by wings of fire that at full extention can reach a width of 20 feet. A master of fire based magics it can form weapons, fireball, electrical based attacks and many others forms of the magics it was granted. This form also grants his human form immunity from fire and eletrical based attacks. A terrible adversary in a brillant and elegant package the Fire Angel is the true chaos form of the Lord Of Chaos and The Prince Of Amber....Rune.

If you wish to collar this character it must be discussed and accepted by the player first. I accept no collars not discussed and I give no collars

This is to the vampires, demons and other sorts that find the taste of blood something irressitable. Don't. Drinking from one of the Chaosians or Amberites or even licking the blood from a blade that has been used on them will place on the character that has done this a 1 week curse of utter insanity. Not mind paranoia kind but completely nuts. It should kill the person in actuallity but since we are a no kill realm this is the compromise.

Similar things would also happen to those that tried to probe or touch the mind of one of the Chaosians. Not so much the Amberites but because of their walking of the Logrus a Chaosian mind is a malstorm of pure insanity. Those that touch that are going to get one hell of a back lash because their minds are not capable of understanding something of such power and utter insanity..