The hard part is over, you have found your way to Me'''
I would love to explore your desires of submission, and your darkest dreams. Relax, surrender and let yourself slip into My domain.

I am Dominant by nature, strengthened by nurture and perfected by practice...

Although I have a penchant for spanking. I love all things kinky...
Come on and chat with me. Get to know me. Of course I realize chemistry is key and know that once you have met Me you will find that I pleasant to chat with and possibly more.

Truly Dominant man, takes charge and is kind of stubborn. Not a pretty momma's boy. Instead he's scruffy, not clean shaved, has careless hair and "tough guy" look on his face. Chooses women only for his bed. He could just be a biker rather than a banker or a hunk on a Harley rather than a hot shot in a sports car. Or might be well built and intimidating to others... Tough on the outside, sometimes soft on the inside.

Loves spanking and rough sex more often than slow tantalizing love-making. Less than patient for most things... and doesn't like stupid people. Hard to get along with. Is unusually rough in the bedroom.

I do not post very quickly. Get used to it.
It's just how I am, and it's not going to change, no matter how much of a hurry you want Me to be in.