Roman Jarosz

He was born in Silesia in 1980, and had a normal childhood, with nothing exceptional about it, at least, not for then and there. He began working at various ... odd jobs at 12, and discovered what he thought was his true calling at 16. At 18 he was approached by a tourist who turned out to be a scout for a modeling agency, and he did rather well at that for a few years.

Perhaps not so well. There were cultural differences. He didn't understand the world into which he had moved, and was moving out of it faster than he had hoped.

He was 21 when She entered his life.

She was Divine. She was everything. The room stopped when She moved into it. Wonder of wonders, She saw something in him. She caught his falling star, took it to her bosom, and slowly, surely, began to forge him into the diamond less than which would not satisfy her.

She does everything to perfection. He is a jewel now.

In the Spring of 2006 She told him simply "Here's two hundred thousand Euros. Go to Duke Wilstat in Frankfurt; I've written you a reference. He'll take you on as his valet."

And that was it. That was the last he saw of her.

Two weeks ago he got the call.

The Voice is unmistakable.

"I'm moving to the City; find me a penthouse."

That was then; this is now.
He is still in the City. She is not.

He is still perfect.