Robert Hersfield

Robert Hersfield, Caucasian Male of American/German descent
Age: 35
Eyes: Gray (but changing with emotions and role)
Hair: Dark Blonde (or dyed, mostly dark)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Build and demeanour: Robert is a chameleon. The way he moves and behaves helps him to blend in, to be nondescript, and average. This changes when reaching out to touch - or in melee.

Background: Robert used to had a life. A busy, normal life with all the ups and downs of a life that would not make for a good story: Job, hobbies, friends, neighbors.
It changed one day when his friend and neighbor burst into his photo and computer lab, almost crying. "Jenny is gone!"
They buried her five weeks later, a time that is burnt into their minds and souls. He has never stopped pursuing those who he believes had caused her death, even after James finally found his way back to his family, returned to mourning, and stopped his mission of vengeance.
He left Robert behind to continue the mission, a man skilled in blending in, in investigation, in handling women, slaves, and enforcers - all in his very unique style.

Likes: bringing a woman to her limits, photography, kiai and atemi at the exactly right time, his Suzuki SUV - and a lot more
Dislikes: Firearms, Idiot machos, pretense - and a lot more

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