rdodger is a 60-ish Texan, a writer of erotica, a player of poker and a lover of dogs and science fiction. When not engaged in the mundane pursuits of work and family, he finds the occasional time to work with his submissive sides.

Normal caution about being active in his home town may have slowed his education in such matters, but he has been fortunate to have several wise women as mentors in online venues over the years. he recognizes at this time both Rei (once of SOI, who granted Her collar) and firey~one (who he was honored to meet once in person, and who has never let him dismiss his potential).

he may play lightly in some venues, but is not at present seeking a long-term or formalistic relationship. Chat and repartee, on the other hand, are always possible.

Some of his stories can be found on the web at Literotica and Stories On-Line, as well as ASSTR. A framework website (story links not connected) is currently on line here

A selection of his stories is (or was - things change) also posted in #r-klibrary and #r-eroticas