Congregation Emek Shalom

Rabbi Sol Rubenstein, came to the City to rebuild the temple after it had been destroyed by Arab extremists. He brought with him the concept of Reconstructionist Jews... people who seek the beauty and power of Jewish tradition without abandoning a commitment to intellectual integrity. Other liberal branches of Judaism try to change the way in which Jews are Jewish; the rituals and observances of being Jewish. Reconstructionism changes the why of being Jewish � the meaning!

Congregation Emek Shalom is committed to serving the needs of all Jews in
The City by providing new pathways to Jewish education, worship, and community. We are an intimate community that embraces difference and that is caring and supportive of each member as an individual.

We sponsor regular Shabbat services and family Holy Day celebrations, providing varied opportunities for collective worship and drawing from both the Renewal and Reconstructionist traditions. Reconstructionist services are characterized by equal roles for both genders and by the use of translations of the Hebrew prayers which do not employ gender-biased language, as well as alternate versions of some prayers that many contemporary Jews find problematic. Our prayerbook, Kol HaNeshamah, contains extensive transliteration and notes (as well as interpretative versions of prayers in English) to aid in understanding the prayers both intellectually and spiritually.

As Reconstructionists, we conduct intimate worship services in which everyone is involved,
and these services are not dominated by "Reb Sol." The members of Congregation Emek Shalom connect themselves to a 4,000-year-old worldwide community of Jews, to Israel and to the modern community we call The City.